A Little Bit

About Me

Hello. I am Jess Cate, a comic creator and writer based in Adelaide, Australia.

  • Where it all started
    I began writing stories in my very early teenage years, and spent many-a science class, sat at the rear, scribbling pages of typically-teenage melodrama. It was around this time that I discovered comic books, and even penned a few little photocopied comics, which saw extremely limited distribution.

    I had always wanted to write for movies, and saw myself someday becoming a screenwriter. After studying literature and creative writing, I began to work on my own projects, and found that my niche was urban, and historical fantasy or science fiction.

  • Where I am now
    All I needed was a like-minded creative talent! I met Jana through our shared love of comics, and we knew straight away that we could create something great together. Heart of Millyera brings together all the things I love about story-telling. Ida, Gil, Celeste and Milly take up a fair chunk of my brain nowadays!

    We have also released a stand-alone mini-comic entitled Great Beasts, which is an original fable about overcoming the constrains of wanting to succeed for the sake of living up to expectations, and finding power in choosing to abandon the quest.